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Southern Agricultural Economics Association Explores Concept of Agritourism

Beginning in Dallas in the week of February 1-4, 2014, the Southern Agricultural Economics Association will be exploring the concept of expanding tourism in an agricultural setting. Understanding the concept of agritourism operations will help the tourism industry continue to grow in the future.

Agritourism is a recreational activity whereby tourists visit farms and ranches.
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

The State of Tennessee saw economic growth in 2011 through the tourism industry. This billion-dollar industry is now being considered for expansion through the concept of agritourism. Agritourism is a concept whereby tourists visit farms and ranches. Tourists learn about the production of food while participating in recreational activities. Small as well as large farms will be considered for this venture. Most of the agritourism sites will feature small farm operations.

Due to the national decline in travel from approximately 2008 to 2009, agritourism operators decided to expand their operations. The process of expanding agritourism operations involves the analysis of agritourism. The agritourism operators will decide on how much they would like to expand, what type of expansion they wish to pursue, and where they intend to expand. Promotions will then be created for the purpose of bringing in more visitors.


Southern Agricultural Economics Association

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