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Southeast Portland family's goat is missing

Penelope the goat is missing
Penelope the goat is missing

A Southeast Portland Family is missing their goat this morning after it was stolen from their front yard, and they want him back.

According to FOX12, Penelope the goat usually hangs out in the front yard of the family home, but someone took off with her early Monday morning.

If you've ever driven on 122nd south of Foster Road, you've surely seen Penelope the goat playing with kids or happily jumping up and peeking out to see who is coming. She's become a mascot for many who live on Mt. Scott, and something that brings smiles to everyone's faces.

“My wife was really distraught last night,” said Andrew Huckaby, Penelope’s owner.

Penelope went missing from the family’s yard sometime between 4am and 10:30am Monday Morning.

“Honestly, I’m hoping that it’s just a situation of a punk or somebody who got in over their head on a practical joke.” Said Huckaby.

Penelope is a Nigerian dwarf goat who stand only about two and a half feet tall, weighing about 50 pounds.

The family was going to have her help clean up the overgrowth on their property, but as it turns out, she won’t touch it. They fell in love with her however, and never got rid of her.

Penelope has lived with the Huckaby family for almost two years, and she’s become their guard goat. She was tied up, and it would have been impossible for her to escape.

The Huckaby family is afraid that someone took her because they thought she had poor living conditions, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. She always had food, water, and a clean place to live in, and she loves her family and is a happy goat. Penelope has more shelter than required for a goat.

Someone went to a lot of trouble to take Penelope, because the way she was secured to her home would have taken tools to free her.

The Huckaby family just wants Penelope to come back home. They say they won’t press charges. If you know where Penelope is, please call Portland Police.

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