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'South Park' episode censored after creators receive death threats from radical Muslim group



  • Larry B 6 years ago

    Once you give in to a terrorist they have won.

  • So scared 6 years ago

    Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed!

    ...... *waits for death threat*.....

  • Josh A 6 years ago

    Honestly, why should the Muslims get the special treatment? They portray jesus, buddha and many other religious figures! You dont see a radical jewish group issueing death threats because kyle is ripped on by cartman for being a jew do you? NO. And Mohammed is but a prophet, he is no more special than Moses, Joshua, Abraham or any of the others! They should only worry about GOD being portrayed as an alien, because he is the one who really matters! So i ask again; Why should muslims get special treatment? Answer: They shouldn't. If anyone is offended by what i have said; i am sorry, but this is what i believe. GOD Bless America!

  • Mike D. 6 years ago

    I got to see the 201st episode and who ever would get angry about the bear costume is foo (to put it lightly), Because technically it wasn't even Mohammed, it was Santa. If I were muslim I would much rather Mohammed to represented by a giant bear than being represented by gun waving life threatening extremists.. but thats just me.. I like bears.

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