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South Korean rock trio Galaxy Express make stop in Las Vegas March 30 (Photos)

By way of Seoul, South Korea, rock band Galaxy Express will be making a stop at The Bunkhouse Saloon in Las Vegas on March 30 as part of their US tour which has them playing 28 concerts in 14 states.

South Korean rockers Galaxy Express formed in 2006 in Seoul. Galaxy Express is guitarist/vocalist Jonghyun Park, bassist/vocalist Juhyun Lee, and drummer Heekwon Kim.
South Korean rockers Galaxy Express formed in 2006 in Seoul. Galaxy Express is guitarist/vocalist Jonghyun Park, bassist/vocalist Juhyun Lee, and drummer Heekwon Kim.
Galaxy Express (courtesy)
Galaxy Express
Galaxy Express (courtesy)

Formed in 2006, Galaxy Express features guitarist and vocalist Jonghyun Park, bassist and vocalist Juhyun Lee, and drummer Heekwon Kim. Together, the trio fuses elements of psychedelic, garage rock and punk music into an enthusiastic high-energy sound and has made them one of the top indie bands in South Korea and even earned them “Musician of the Year” at the 2011 Korean Music Awards.

Following their 2007 EPs To the Galaxy and Ramble Around - both receiving high praise, Galaxy Express released their first full-length debut album Noise on Fire in 2008. This ambitious double album was honored “Best Rock Album” at the 2009 Korean Music Awards.

"With their amped energy and stage exhibitionism, they’re the best live act to come out of Korea since…well, maybe ever." – MTV Iggy

Their sophomore album, originally dubbed the “Wild 30” project, was written, recorded, and released in just 30 days; the band tweeted and blogged the entire process with their eagerly awaiting fans. Exactly one month later on May 1, 2010, Galaxy Express released the fittingly titled Wild Days.

Galaxy Express released their third full-length album, the self-titled Galaxy Express, this past November recording each track in one take and on reel-to-reel tape. Produced by the band, Galaxy Express features 10 songs and promises to be “brimming with more of the raw and raucous rock ‘n’ roll that has helped push Galaxy Express to the top of South Korea’s music ranks.

"Galaxy Express are on the fast track to success with no sign of that train slowing down." –

No stranger to hitting the road, Galaxy Express has toured the US and North America performing at SXSW, Arkansas’ Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival and Canadian Music Week. Additionally, they’ve performed at Japan’s Summer Sonic, and have toured in France, Taiwan and Honk Kong.

Q&A with vocalist and guitarist Jonghyun Park:

Examiner: How did you come up with the band name Galaxy Express?

JP: Juhyun liked the word "Galaxy" and wanted us to include it in our name. He and I both played in punk bands before, but he wanted us to incorporate more styles of music into this band's sound. He felt that the word "Galaxy" has a really wide open feel to it and would be a good start for the band. The two of us tried fitting many other words together with "Galaxy" to make a proper band name. We thought about things like Galaxy Fish Finders, Galaxy Bastards, and Galaxy Busters, before I suggested Galaxy Express. We both liked the way Galaxy Express sounded so we decided to name ourselves that.

EX: Were you all child hood friends or did you meet up later?

JP: Juhyun and I both used to play in different punk bands in Seoul. We met each other through being involved in the punk scene. Juhyun's previous band was breaking up because some members had to do their mandatory military service. He asked me if I'd like to make a new band together, and that's how Galaxy Express started. I knew Heekwon from middle school. Our original drummer injured his hand right before we were scheduled to start recording our first EP. I knew Heekwon could play drums, so I asked him to join us in the studio so that we could still record the EP as planned. Things went really well during the sessions and we invited him to join the group permanently after that.

EX: Who has been an inspiration to you musically?

JP: We all listen to a lot of classic rock and punk stuff. We've got a soft spot for old Korean psychedelic music too.

EX: What has been your impression of how the U.S. audiences react to your music?

JP: We've gotten lots of great reactions to our music so far during this tour and during our past two American tours too. Crowds cheer loudly when we play, give us lots of compliments after the shows, and send us lots of kind messages through Facebook and email after the shows too. We've had people traveling several hours to watch us play in multiple cities too, which has been pretty awesome. Some people who saw us in St. Louis...drove to watch us again in Milwaukee. [And]...some people from Milwaukee traveled to Chicago to see us too. It's amazing that people are willing to travel such far distances to see us perform. We're so grateful for their support.

EX: What would you say to someone coming to watch you perform for the first time?

JP: Please have fun at the show, and don't be afraid to get a little wild!

Galaxy Express will be performing March 30 along with The Gears, The Aggravators, The Seriouslys and Tinglerz at The Bunkhouse Saloon located at 124 S. 11th Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at the door.

Time: 9 pm

"If you are ever asked who are one of the best Korean rock bands, you can safely say 'Galaxy Express'. They rock the house whenever they play, are tight with catchy songs, and do some amazing & fun things on stage." – CG Weekly

For more information, visit or call (702) 384-4536.

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