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South Korea ferry texts reveal kids trapped were scared: Some send last good bye

The final text messages from the passengers trapped on the South Korea ferry is pulling at the heart-strings of people around the globe today. Living in the gripes of despair is what the family members of the missing South Korea ferry passengers are going through today, according to Fox News on April 17. Some are holding on to hope that survivors may still be trapped in the hull of the capsized boat by finding air pockets while waiting for rescue.

Families of missing ferry passengers wait for word of their loved ones.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

With rescuers pumping oxygen into the hull of the boat in case this may be the case, this gives the family members a glimmer of home that their loved ones will emerge from that watery grave still alive. It has happened in the past, people live underwater in an air pocket for some time. The water is cold in the area that the ship went down, so unless those air pockets are big enough to keep the trapped passengers out of the frigid water, there’s not much hope.

According to MSN News, the text messages sent by the students to their moms and dads as were trapped below deck revealed fear. They were directed to "stay put" by the captain when the first signs that the ship was in trouble emerged. As of Thursday evening, the death toll has risen to 20, with 270 passengers still unaccounted for, reports Fox News live. As the search for recovery continues the death toll is expected to rise dramatically.

Parents sat by helpless as their kids sent them text messages conveying fear, despair and confusion with many saying their final “I love you” and “good bye.” How does a parent handle this, knowing that their child is alive at that moment, but this was probably the last communication they will ever have with their child for the rest of their life? As a parent you want to help your child, but to sit there helpless has to put you in deep despair.

One of the viral text messages circulating online today is from a student to their mother. Student Shin Young-Jin’s text message said:

“Sending this in case I may not be able to say this again. Mom, I love you.”

Whe Shin’s mother texted back, “Oh, I love you too son,” his mother had not idea that her son was in a life and death situation. She had no idea of the grim outlook those students trapped in this ferry were facing. Shin’s mother was one of the lucky parents as he eventually made it out alive.

A few parents received text messages from their kids saying they couldn’t get out of the ship because it was at too much of a tilt and they couldn’t walk out. One of the 178 survivors said he couldn’t get out because of the angle of the tilt. He waited for the floor that he was on to flood so he could swim to an exit and away from the boat. He had a life jacket on and he was plucked out of the frigid ocean by a rescue boat.

What added to this tragedy was the orders to “stay put” from the captain when the boat first ran into trouble. The passengers who heeded this were trapped below in this capsized vessel were suddenly everything was at a 45 degree angle, making it impossible to walk anywhere. When a 16-year-old sent a desperate message to his older brother saying:

"My room is tilting about 45 degrees. My mobile is not working very well."

His big brother messaged back trying to calm her down:

"So don't panic and just do whatever you're told to do. Then you'll be fine.”

This was the last communication anyone had with Kim Woong-Ki, who is among the 270 passengers still missing. The text messages were hard on the parents, but the parents who had that last terrifying phone call from their child also suffered once hearing the level of fear in their child’s voice. The panic in the kids voices are the last memories of words spoken between child and parent for many of the parents of the missing students.

Reports today have the captain leaving the ship in the only lifeboat deployed out of 46 on board. He made it to dry land safe and sound, leaving the ship just a little more than 30 minutes after the boat first showed signs of trouble. He left all those passengers after telling them to “stay put,” and they had to fend for themselves.

These are the reports coming in about the captain today and authorities have not confirmed this information as of yet. They are investigating the captain's behavior. The rage around the way the captain and the crew handled this tragedy is growing today, especially with the missing passenger’s families.

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