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South Jersey Actor Kristine Knowlton Sparking Up Interest!

Actor Kristine Knowlton
Kristine Knowlton

Kristine Knowlton is an actor from South Jersey. She has made her way across the stage and led the way in her film career. From performing in Atlantic City, to appearances in New York to theatre in Rehoboth Beach, this star will not stop until she is shinning bright.

Kristine has just signed on with a company, Caccioppoli-Anderson LLC of New York whom have pretty big plans set up for this South Jersey actor. Already there have been top agents ready to work with Ms. Knowlton for commercials, film, voiceovers and theatre. Visit Caccioppoli-Anderson LLC at

Already this year, Kristine has signed on with multiple companies for filming as well as theatre. She performed her fourth year in “The Vagina Monologues” at the Eagle Theatre earlier this year and completed a voice-over role for "Phone Call From a Stranger" by Israli Filmmaker, Arslan Baig. She also plays Diane Worthrop in local filmmaker, artist and teacher, Pat Kaz’s “The Beacon” which has now been entered into film fests and competitions.

Working with Zay Rodriquez and Martin Olaya in the horror short, “I SAW” where Kristine portrays the wife and mother of two girls who’s lives get thrown into a loop when her husband snaps. Kelly and Megan Flynn play her daughters in the film and Maarten Olaya plays her husband. “I SAW” is still in production and will continue shooting this summer.

Although her role got bumped from the movie, “ARiSEN” by Junito Studios, Kristine was bumped to a bigger role in their prequel, “ARiSEN 2”. No details can be released about the film at the moment. She did get to work on SPFX for the movie as well as donate a certain prop to move the production along.

Filming will pickup later this year for “What They Let In” by Ted Mangan of Trib 2 Films where Kristine plays college student Cyndi Moyer. Kristine’s company, Trick-or-Treat Films is also in association with “What They Let In”. Contact the movies Facebook page as they are looking for locations as well as actors near the Philadelphia area. Check them out on the web at

Kristine’s movie “Maleficent” formally entitled, “M is for Maleficent” was entered into a contest where it did not win, and however it was picked up for distribution on a DVD called “World of Death”. More details will be coming out later this year. You can sneak a peak at the Alternative Gallery on June 27, 2014 at 7:30pm, as it will be screened in Allentown, PA along side films of the DVD. Check out their website at

After filming with Jeff Profitt on his movie, “Friends from the Neighborhood” where she plays Stacy a friend of Gina, played by Samantha Elmer who is one of the main actors in the film. It is now rumored that she will be apart of his new film, “House of Paranormal”. More details will be released later this year.

The last and best part as we got to interview Ms. Knowlton once again, her most surprising role of this year which is now a recurring role of Lady Buella Percy at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire.

EJ: So, you said you were surprised about becoming a recurring character of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, what surprised you?

KK: I guess it’s not that much of a surprise; it was just a lot of excitement when I found out that this year I was returning as Lady Buella Percy. This is my first recurring role with the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and I hope I stay Lady Buella for a long time.

EJ: What can you tell us about the plot of this year’s faire?

KK: All I can say is that is revolves around Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s fans will not be disappointed. Shakespeare is a huge chunk of history and we are honored to have the theme around him and his works.

EJ: Tell us about Lady Buella Percy.

KK: She is the sister of the Duke of Northumberland. She’s a little on the crazy side, although all Percy’s are, so it’s hard to tell who’s crazy and who’s not. She loves to write poems. She gets lost in her thoughts. Loves pretty much anyone she meets. She has an open heart. In a nutshell, I think later on down the road she would make a great advisor to a Lord in the near future.

EJ: Does Lady Buella Percy have any admirers?

KK: She has many. There is someone special, not too sure that the Duke, her brother will approve, but we will find out soon enough.

EJ: When and where is the New Jersey Renaissance Faire?

KK: it is coming up real soon. It’s open May 31, June 1, June 7 & 8 10am-6pm at Liberty Lake in Columbus-Bordentown, NJ.

EJ: I saw that the New Jersey Renaissance Faire has started a Kickstarter. Can you tell us more about that?

KK. Yes, they are raising funds to move into their own office, which they currently share with Liberty Lake. They’re not stopping there as the faire is expanding and growing all the time. They are looking to have a building for training as well as housing, more stages, to hire more people as well as entertainers as well as more weekends for the Faire season. Please check out their Kickstarter for more information as well as great perks for donations. You can find more information on their main site at

Please check out Kristine’s website for more information about upcoming shows, films, photos and more. You can also stay up to the latest minute with Kristine on Facebook at Follow her on Twitter @KrissieLyn

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