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South-Floridians: Get a new body in just 1 week

Meghann Shannon enjoys visiting pier park for yoga on the beach, fishing, and swimming.
Meghann Shannon, Marcel Mullet Photography

This might seem too good to be true, but it is firmly believed that in just 7 days - by doing an entire body "overhaul" - one can experience and notice visible as well as mental results. Fortunately, South Florida is an ideal place to do so. Read more to find out why!

1) Rent a paddleboard

Advantages: strengthen core and overall body, improves wellness for both the mind and body, can be used as a social exercise or as a form of solitary fitness (i.e., meditation), etc.


2) Visit Pier Park located in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami on Collins Avenue

Advantages: meet other activity-driven people with common interests, break a sweat while receiving some vitamin D from the sun, take a dip in the ocean for some cardiovascular fitness, jog on the beach adjacent to the pier for an additional workout, etc.


3) Yoga on the beach

Advantages: improve flexibility, strength, posture, and even lower blood pressure - among other health and mental benefits


4) Find a support group

Advantages: tailored to one’s specific needs
, share stories with others who understand or who have been in the same place, gain knowledge and advice from experts, etc.


5) Cut out all alcoholic beverages for 1 week

Advantages: reduce fluid retention (i.e., water weight) significantly, allow liver to work more efficiently at reducing waste and filtering toxins in one’s body, eliminate unnecessary/empty calories, sleep more soundly (i.e.m get more quality sleep since alcohol interferes with this process), long-term abstinence from alcohol reduces chance of cancer, diabetes, etc.


6) Remember, if you can’t tone it…tan it!

Advantages: There are now inexpensive self-tanners you can purchase over the counter that won’t leave you with streaks of embarrassing orange, new products are easy to apply and you can DIY, etc.

Recommendations: “Tan Towels” are an excellent and efficient way to achieve an all over bronze glow without sacrificing your skin. Purchase the at GBS Beauty Supply stores.

Two convenient locations are:

7a) 21306 St Andrews Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33468

7b) 308 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

A healthy body, mind, and spirit equals a healthy life! This is always a work in progress - best of luck!

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