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South Florida singles need to be Google savvy!

Be careful, so dating is fun not exhausting.
Be careful, so dating is fun not exhausting.
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     Sometimes being single is really awesome and sometimes it is very hard. South Florida has an added hurdle because the community is flooded with tourists, transients and vacationers. We love meeting new people and dating, but find that we have to constantly be on our guard to protect ourselves. In our teens, we knew everything about the people we liked. They were in your class, you knew their sister or their mother was friends with your mother. They couldn’t tell you a complete lie about their life, because you already knew the truth. There was a comfort in that. There was no need for Google searches and crazy amateur detective work to find out if the basics were true.

     This puts our South Florida resident singles in unfamiliar territory when it comes to dating. We can meet someone, date them for weeks or even months and never really know anything about them. A favorite hot spot in Ft. Lauderdale is Blue Martini , which is an awesome place for singles. The crowd is mixed for all age groups, the music is amazing and the energy is always high. However, it is also a tourist spot and entertains many business and vacation travelers. One Boca Raton resident told me a story about a person they met at Blue Martini, vacationing from NY, and dated him for a couple months. He had told her he was widowed and his wife suffered a terrible fight with cancer some eight years ago and he buried himself in work until only recently. This hit a sensitive chord with her as it would with many people. However, after a couple months of some slightly off beat and mildly strange behavior, she was prompted to Google search him and find out that he was indeed still married to the poor woman that suffered that frightful death. Sound crazy? It was definitely a blow to her self-proclaimed good character judgment ability, but it is not so completely uncommon in this neck of the woods.

     Although South Florida is an amazing place to live, singles need to be on their guard when meeting new people. The idea of starting a relationship with trust until proven otherwise has been flipped to suspect until Google proves otherwise!

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  • Jerseygirl 5 years ago

    Food for thought: "Trust everyone but cut the cards." (Finley Peter Dunne). Dating and exaggerating the truth has gone hand-in-hand since the beginning of time. When out for the night almost female you know wears a push up bra and every man exaggerates his income. The link between exaggerations and straight out lies is awful loose. I say let's celebrate technology! Thank goodness we're in the internet age, where we can take a short trip to the restroom, turn on our iPhone and google the people you meet right after the first drink! Have fun but keep your eyes open. Anyone with a good story - especially a pity story - is worthy of a google search before your first sip! Happy dating!

  • L A Woman 5 years ago

    Hey Jersey Girl I never thought of googling in the ladies room--Awesome!

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