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South Florida Museum exhibit examines origins and impact of coffee

"Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death, and as sweet as love." — Old Turkish proverb

The coffee flavor wheel was designed to help professionals identify and communicate coffee's complex aromas and flavors.
Deborah J Bell
Coffee: The World in Your Cup exhibit
South Florida Museum

Coffee is one of the most widely traded commodities on the planet, and is a daily staple in the diet of millions of people. In “Coffee: The World in Your Cup,” a traveling exhibit on view through August 29, 2014 at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, FL, visitors learn about the history and origins of coffee in Africa, its methods of production, and its impact on our global environment — from backyard birds to climate change.

Through displays, artifacts, video presentations, and hands-on demonstrations, “Coffee” also explores the social impact of the coffee industry and recommends ways for consumers to make socially and environmentally responsible coffee purchases at their grocery store or coffee shop. Visitors learn about the many people around the world who produce our coffee and the efforts to ensure that they earn a fair wage for their work.

Additionally, the exhibit explores the effect of caffeine, the world’s most commonly-used drug, on our bodies, and our modern 21st century coffee culture and the art and science behind producing “the perfect cup.”

“Coffee: The World in Your Cup” has been organized by the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, Washington, and is now on display at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, Florida through August 29, 2014. For more information, visit the museum's website at

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