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South Florida Drink Culture Recap

South Florida drink culture is waiting for you.
South Florida drink culture is waiting for you.
Cocktail Mia

Reviews ruled the roost this week. Pour an afternoon sipper and lean back with informed opinions, a Thanksgiving cocktail and a few good photos.

Although he prefers soda to cocktails, Burger Beast tests out the menu offerings at Coral Gables watering hole, The Bar.

After sipping liquid inspiration, Live Laugh Snap captures some beautiful images at Fairchild"s Ramble.

The irreverent Boy Writes Miami illustrates the average food, drink and entertainment experience at The Van Dyke Cafe.

Clink! details the Eden's deliciously festival L'Orange Pumpkin Carver.

Soul of Miami walks us through a night at Downtown's Ecco Lounge.

Sunday Night Bonus

The South Florida Beer Blog has the list of local viewing parties for tomorrow night's premiere of the highly anticipated Brew Masters.

Happy Reading, Cocktailian!

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