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South Florida Diversity Council brings GLBTA Summit June 22

GLBTA, South Florida Diversity Council
GLBTA, South Florida Diversity Council
GLBTA, South Florida Diversity Council

Is your organization an equal opportunity employer which lives up to the spirit of the law in every sense? It is South Florida Diversity Council which will enable you to ask the tough questions at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual Allies (GLBTA) Summit coming to The Pride Center in Wilton Manors, June 22, 2012. With a range of issues flooding the media from same sex marriages, partner benefits, workplace inclusion even the Boy Scouts of America, there is a rich agenda of matters of concern. GLBTA diversity is just one of the areas of injustices SFLDC has chosen to shoulder in its efforts to solve the burden of injustices facing us in the workforce and in our communities.

The GLBT Summit will be held on June 22 at:

The Pride Center, 2040 N. Dixie Hwy.
Wilton Manors, FL 33305

The sessions planned are on the South Florida Diversity Council website as shown below:

Legislative Update: Building Equality and Fairness in the Florida Workplace

The competitive nature of organizations and their ability to attract, recruit and retain a talented and diverse talent pool is key in tough economic times. If you are a public or private organization is your workplace considered to be a truly equal opportunity employer? Are your internal diversity policies and benefits able to keep pace with your competition? What changes will some of the pending legislation at the Federal and State level have on your HR, Legal, and Benefit requirements? Topics ranging from partner benefits to full workplace inclusion will be discussed in this informative and interactive session. Local LGBT policy advisors will walk you through pending legislation, detail with you on the value of implementing change today, and address your concerns and question allowing you to create diverse policies for your organization.

Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace, Creating Policy and Making Practice

More companies and organizations than at any other time in history find themselves with an employee (or employees) who choose to undergo sex reassignment due to their status as transsexual people. And many more are finding themselves asked to accommodate instances of gender identity expression that approach, but don’t include, sex reassignment. Organizations usually find themselves in reactive, rather than proactive, mode upon finding out an employee is transgender and wishes to express as thus, or transsexual and undergoing or planning transition. This information rich session will provide you with actionable content using best practices guides and first hand experiences, designed to assist with education, transition planning, and communication of programs and policies to get you started with policy changes and program implementations.

Creating a Strong Ally Culture and Diversity Supplier Relationships

Most agree that allies play a vital role in the advancement of LGBT-supportive workplaces and communities. In fact the A in GLBTA has been added to intentionally include allies. But after allies “come out," how do we encourage them to get off the bench and get involved? Join us for an interactive session about reaching out and engaging confident, courageous, and compassionate allies. Learn from successful allies as they share their experiences in taking engagement and support to the next level. We'll provide actionable steps for allies to become more informed about LGBT issues and involved in the community, and for our LGBT participants, an opportunity to learn about building productive relationships with our ally coworkers and friends.

South Florida Diversity Council (SFLDC) under the umbrella of Florida Diversity Council established under the National Diversity Council by Dennis Kennedy which originated in Texas. For questions or inquiries about the GLBTA Summit, please contact Sofia Reed at:


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