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South Coast Repertory announces Playwrites' Festival Lineup

South Coast Repertory will present seven theatre productions at its Playwrites' Festival
South Coast Repertory will present seven theatre productions at its Playwrites' Festival

Costa Mesa’s South Coast Repertory will present seven new plays from April 23 through April 25, as part of its 13th annual Playwrites’ Festival. The schedule, announced March 3, is as follows:

Five “readings” kick off the weekend’s activities:

“Completeness” (by Itamar Moses) – a very contemporary romantic comedy – will be performed Friday, April 23 at 1 pm on the Segerstrom Stage.

Next comes “Happy Face” (by David West Read), the story of a young woman who has to find the money to take care of her younger brother. The play will be read at 3:30 pm on the Julianne Argyros Stage.

Sofia Alvarez’ “Between Us Chickens” will be staged Friday evening at 8 pm in the Nicholas Studio (with an encore performance on Saturday, April 24 at 2:30 pm). It recounts the adventures of two small-town girls who arrive in the big city of LA.

“Kin” (by Bathsheba Doran) will be presented on Saturday at 10:30 am on the Julianne Agryros Stage. It tells the story of two people who fall in love on-line, only to face some very real consequences when they meet each other’s families.

Finally, there’s “Right To The Top” (by Amy Freed). Presented Sunday, April 25 at 10:30 am on the Segerstrom Stage, it centers around the character of the fictional super-architect Gregor Zubrovsky.

Two full-length productions also will be performed as part of the festival:

Julia Cho’s “The Language Archive” tells the story of a linguist who doesn’t quite know the right words to save his marriage. And,

Roberto Aguirre-Sacaso’s “Doctor Cerberus” rises from the mists in “Nightmare Theatre,” only to face a feisty 13-year-old anti-hero.

Both full-length plays will be performed throughout the month of April.

Tickets to the readings are $12 each. Full-length play ticket prices range from $31 to $65. For more information, check the South Coast Repertory website at:


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