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South China men stealing dogs for meat trade caught and beaten by angry crowd

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Chinese citizens in the Sanjiany Village in South China are devastated by the number of their beloved pet dogs stolen from the backyards of their homes, drugged, beaten, and carted off to restaurants for dog meat. Last week however, according to the Daily Mail, one dog owner spotted two men dragging his dog into the back of their car and took matters into his own hands gathering his friends in a vigilante type of justice.

A crowd gathered and beat the well-known dog nappers with bats and bricks.

Guilin police said the men would drive into small villages listening for barking dogs. There they would feed the dogs sedative laced food, and return a short time later, kill the dog and then sell the animal to nearby eateries and restaurants.

It is estimated 26 million dogs are killed in China for their meat annually.

The government does little to protect animals in China, and citizens say they have been forced to take the law into their own hands.

After the angry mob destroyed the culprits' car which contained four dead dogs, relatives of the two dog nappers compensated the pet owners with money.

The nonprofit organization Say No To Dog warns tourists to China to be very careful of what you eat:

... A seasoned world traveler by the name of Rob was seated in a cafe in Shenzhen, China, when he pointed to another dish in the restaurant and almost ordered dog meat.

Rob had been eating at the same restaurant each night, blissfully unaware it was a dog meat restaurant. He’d been ordering beef but was left confused and hoping he had not eaten dog.

Rob clearly had little understanding of the dog meat trade except that they animals are killed in horrible circumstances. He falsely thought the majority of dog meat dogs in China were grey dogs which had been bred for commercial use.

China uses any type of dog for it’s meat trade and the country is scattered with dog trading facilities and dog butchers..."

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