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South Carolina woman works to save pets in tornado stricken areas

Black-Taylor has been posting updates on pets lost and found in the tornado-stricken areas thoughout the day today and into the night tonight.
Elisa Black-Taylor

The tragedy continues to unfold this week in the American south and midwest as tornadoes sweep through rural areas and towns, destroying homes and lives. As this article is published, the storms continue their march. Since the storms began, rescue workers have been working hard to save lives in the area.

Social media has taken on importance as families and friends check on each other, trying to make sure their loved ones are safe.

The pets of Tornado Alley have been hit hard by these storms too. Many have been killed; others are missing, either swept away by the storm, or having fled in fear when their homes were destroyed.

Elisa Black-Taylor, a writer and photographer in upstate South Carolina who also writes for Examiner, has been working tirelessly throughout the day and into the night posting articles about pets who are lost, found, and even those who have been reported dead.

If you have any information about a pet who has been impacted by these storms - if you have lost, found, or even simply seen one of these pets, please post on one of her articles and let her know. She is working very hard to reunite these pets with their owners, and to provide closure to the owners whose pets did not survive the storms.

Please stop by her pages, "like" them, and share them on your social media accounts to help in her quest to reunite these pets with their families. Subscribe to her feed to get her updates as she posts them. You can help her make a difference!

A list of these articles can be found here.

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