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South Carolina UFO sightings add to strange objects seen across US skies

The first day of the year not only ushered in 2014, it brought with it a plethora of UFO sightings around the United States. Although some sightings can likely be ruled out as the result of overindulgence on the most celebrated night of the year, many will undoubtedly go down as unexplained phenomena. And just like the many UFO sightings in California on New Year's Day that made national headlines (via a Jan. 2 The Inquistr report and other media articles), South Carolina had its share of UFO sightings for the new year as well.

From Hollywood Hills in southern California to the central area of the state, people saw all sorts of lighted orbs and formations of glowing lights on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, some -- especially those sighted in groups of three -- appearing as if arranged in a triangular pattern. But the UFO sightings weren't isolated. Report after report of unidentified flying objects came in from all over the country, from Oregon to Missouri to North Carolina, with many of the viewers stating that the lighted objects -- which varied in number and size and mobility -- weren't regular aircraft or party lanterns adrift in the sky.

In Mount Pleasant, S. C., a city bordering Charleston and fronting on the Atlantic Ocean, there were two separate UFO sightings. According to the Mutual UFO Network (via UFO Stalker), an agency dedicated to tracking and investigating UFO sightings, one poster noted seeing seven objects about a half hour before midnight on New Year's Eve that he at first thought were embers from fireworks but which were "orange glowing crafts" that "drifted over my house."

With the second Mount Pleasant sighting, which occurred minutes into the new year, the poster wrote: "That is when we noticed the floating orbs seeming to be traveling over the Wando river going West. High in the sky. Looked near the flight path we have seen jets take but not nearly as high. Looked like they were blinking or pulsating. They floated near each other in a path going west then disappeared into clouds. Never saw this any time before."

Near midnight, there was a third UFO sighting occurred in Hanahan, which is a city just a couple miles northwest of Mount Pleasant. Instead of multiple lighted objects, though, the poster saw only a solitary "bright orange pulsing orb." They wrote: "I spotted the bright orange light in the sky. I quickly pointed it out to my friends (I had seen one in November but had not reported it to Mufon) and asked them" what is that? Ive seen one of those before!" There are no normal blinking plane lights, we are very near an airport and a military base and we are used to seeing those and it is far too bright to be a chinese lantern, no way its a flare either."

Still, the Federal Aviation Administration reported no "unusual flight activity" during the new year's transition period.

So what was going on during the new year crossover period that gave rise to so many UFO sightings from coast to coast? Skeptics will say that alcohol and possibly other recreational substances had a lot to do with the sightings, given the time of night. Others might be charitable enough to say the UFO sightings were airplanes, helicopters, drones, or even lanterns of the Chinese or Thai variety. Some might go so far as to agree that the sightings were truly of the UFO variety -- and maybe even of extraterrestrial origin, all things considered.

And what better time of year to criss-cross the skies of the world if you're a visitor from a far-flung planet than on a night when lights fill the sky and glowing orbs (flares, balloons, lanterns) float through the atmosphere? Nothing like protective coloration to move somewhat unobserved. Somewhat...

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