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South Carolina shooting: Additional details from tragic Charleston shooting out

A tragic murder-suicide has taken place in Charleston, South Carolina.
A tragic murder-suicide has taken place in Charleston, South Carolina.
Wikimedia Commons User Richard T. Bryant

South Carolina shooting updates have come in from the tragedy in Charleston. The South Carolina shooting took place late Tuesday night (Oct. 29), resulting in the deaths of six people. According to an updated report from FOX News on Wednesday (Oct. 30), it has been confirmed as a murder-suicide with one shooter killing five family members before turning the gun on himself.

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27-year-old Bryan Sweatt is suspected of dialing 911 to state that he was thinking of hurting himself and then turning a gun on his family. Authorities responded to the call immediately, with a SWAT team trying to make first contact upon arrival. Despite overtures for the man to come outside, there was no response, leading to SWAT entering the home and finding the scene. An investigation then started in on the domestic disturbance that had taken place.

The five people that were killed in the South Carolina shooting have been identified as Richard Allen Fields, 51, Melissa Maroney Fields, 49, Chandra Marie Fields, 26, Tariq Kenyon Robinson, 11, and William Asa Robinson, 9. Two children were reportedly able to escape when Sweatt began opening fire and they stated that he had been waiting for them in the home when they returned from an outing. The tragic case continues to be under investigation, but it appears to have all stemmed from a custody dispute.

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