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South Carolina rescue trying to raise money for much needed storage containers

Dog4U Inc. is a non profit animal rescue in South Carolina. They rescue dogs, cats, and neglected farm animals. They strategically plan and execute major life saving missions by pulling up to 30 dogs at a time from the Chesterfield County Animal Control. Lives that would otherwise be lost due to pet overpopulation and overcrowded shelters.

But this is no easy task and does not happen miraculously overnight. They rely on their foster network and most importantly on donations to see these missions through successfully.

On an average Dog4U, Inc. goes through 75 pounds of dog food, 40 pounds of cat food and almost 100 pounds of equine and bovine feed per day. Storage is a big problem due to weather and mice (they do use humane live traps for the mice and relocate them).They receive food donations throughout the year but must also purchase a significant amount of feed, totaling thousands of dollars annually. Unfortunately they lose a lot of the feed due to mice and rain.

Their current feed shed is fairly water proof but does little to combat the furry little creatures who are very proactive in their foraging. This type of food waste is financially disasterous for Dog4U. They, like all rescues are operating on a shoe string budget.

After contacting several shipping companies they have the opportunity to purchase two containers, at cost, for $1,600 each (pricing has gone up to $2,300 per container since beginning the fundrazr) including delivery as opposed to $3,500 each.

At this time an extremely generous, anonymous sponsor donated the first storage container As this fundraiser has been going on for some time the pricing for these units has gone up. The donor had the container delivered for a total of $2,300 including taxes. They are continuing the fundraiser to pay for adding electricity, lights, and a turbine the container. It gets extremely hot in South Carolina and oftentimes the daily temperatures exceed 95 degrees.This extreme heat will cause the container to overheat and dog food and horse feed stored inside to spoil. $1,550 will be needed to complete the project $196 of this has already been raised. They will focus on completing the work on the first container before starting to raise funds for the second container.

Your support will make a huge difference for the rescue and the animals they save which first and foremost need to be fed. Visit the fundraiser page and make a tax donation today. No amount is too small.

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