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South Carolina politican imposes creationism into 8 year old girl's bill

An 8 year old girl named Oliva wanted the Wooly Mammoth to be the fossil of the state of South Carolina, so she wrote her legislator to urge him to do so. He did and the bill was about to pass until a state legislator named Kevin Bryant held up its' passage. Why, because it had no pro-creationist passages in it. Nothing about the bible, Jesus or a 6000 year old earth.

Why does science matter, when one can impose religious doctrine into a bill, anyway? Eventually the backlash of holding up an 8 year old girl's proposed bill was too much for Bryant, so he withdrew his opposition.

I would be happy to say that was the end of the story, but alas, State Sen. Bryant has introduced an amendment, which looks like it will stick, that would state that the Wooly Mammoth, or Columbian Mammoth, as being "created on the Sixth Day with the other beasts of the field."

This is absurd! Obviously this mammoth was created from the stomach acid of Odin after a night of gorging with Zeus and Allah.

But seriously, such an amendment is a joke. This mammoth, like other mammoths, shares a common ancestor with elephants millions of years ago. Even farther back, it shares a common ancestor with us. Even farther back it shares a common ancestor with modern day reptiles. Even farther back, an ancestor with fish.

All species that ever existed are related, they weren't created by some deity. I feel bad for this girl and I feel bad for the good people of South Carolina to have such rubbish foisted upon them.

Talk Origins is an excellent site that lists actual science. I doubt that this Sen. Bryant ever passed a 9th grade science class.