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South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive film and music festival on the horizon (March 17-20)


is finally upon us!

 As temperatures rise and the sun reclaims its rightful position over Austin, artists and fans everywhere are gearing up for what some would argue is the best festival in the country - South by Southwest. On the brink of its 24th year, SXSW attracts the best and most promising new bands from across the world. For example, last year fans of the Norwegian band Datarock were treated to what was possibly the best concert of 2009's festival, at the renowned venue Emo's. Even Scotland's disco revivalist Calvin Harris was scheduled to make an appearance on 6th Street (he was unable to attend due to a case of the flu, at least that's what the doorman at the club said). 

In addition to the music, SXSW also showcases tons of art, as well as the film of young aspiring writers and directors. Over the next two weeks, keep an eye on the Austin Indie Music Examiner's page, where select bands performing at this year's festival will be covered. The days of SXSW will make up the best week all year, especially if you live in Austin. Don't miss out on the coverage! 

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