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South by Southwest Interactive 2010 presentations available

SXSW Interactive logo
  SXSW Interactive is growing in popularity, but not
  everyone is thrilled.

South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2010 conference presentations are now available online. You can also access presentations from prior years.

The March 12-21 Austin, Texas, event was organized into three distinct festivals. The Interactive Festival took place March 12-16, the Film Conference March 12-20, and the Music and Media Conference March 17-21.

Participants could purchase a Platinum all-access badge, or Gold for the Interactive and Film Conference and Trade Show festivals only, or a single-event badge for Interactive (red), Film (blue) or Music (green). 

Wide-ranging topics
At a current count of 82, the selection of Interactive presentations proves quite extensive, ranging from the political ("Social Media and China: Different than You Think") to the predictible ("2010 SXSWi Panel: Is Technology Weakening Interpersonal Relationships?"), the technical ("Objective-C Crash Course for Web Developers") the  intellectual ("Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People") and the enticing ("Screw Brand Equity - Connected Brands Rule" and "SXSWi Panel: We F*cked Up. Exploring Failure with Happy Cog and Friends").

Growing popularity of SXSW Interactive met with mixed reaction
From its humble start 22 years ago as a venue to promote area music talent, SWSW has become one of the hottest tickets for new media. However, not everyone is thrilled with the event's high profile and growing popularity.

Many complaints focussed on large, rowdy crowds and poor quality content. Sure, there are also many who come to SXSW's defense, but you have to wonder when the agenda includes an official panel entitled "How Not To Be A SXSW Douchebag."

Interestingly, it was precisely the event's high-calibre "douchebag" factor that offended Read, Write, Web's Jolie O'Dell. Her post-event review quickly ignited discussion and debate, another illustration of Social Media's power to drive online conversation and controversy.

To register for SXSW 2011
Registration for SXSW 2011 opens in August. To be added to the Early Bird List, e-mail

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Alison Cummings is a Web Strategy consultant and Social Media blogger based in Montreal. You can find her on Twitter @alisoncummings and Facebook.


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