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Weekend washout possible for South Beach

Sunrise at 11th Street on Miami Beach in South Beach
Sunrise at 11th Street on Miami Beach in South Beach
George H. Houck IV

South Beach had a lot of rain at the beginning of last weekend. Tonight as I look ahead we have more of the same coming for this weekend. You may wish to double check your plans and activities for this weekend as currently the percentages for rain are over fifty percent.

Rain shouldn't be a problem Friday until the early evening after dinner time. It won't be getting chilly just humid and wet. Come Saturday we are looking at a fifty-fifty chance of rain and the winds will be gusty at times, even over twenty miles per hour.

Sunday will bring less rain chances at thirty to forty percent, but the winds will be steady at twenty miles per hour and gusts over twenty-five miles per hour. The wind should be pretty much in your face as you look out over the water on Ocean Drive or from your hotel room as you look out over the sea.

The redeeming features of this weekend are that with an Atlantic Ocean breeze temperatures will be steady and not chilly at night, the air will be fresh, and you may get to see some great surf. Enjoy the sun when you get it, enjoy the local businesses hospitality when you do not.

~ George H. Houck IV


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