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South Beach Weather

Andy Reiter wears a sweater and wool cap as he bundles up against the cool weather looking out at the ocean before surfing January 3, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Frigid January weather may be an issue up north, but not down in beautiful
South Beach! We’re looking at very pleasant weather this weekend for those visiting
the beach. Temperatures may be a little bit below average on Friday, with a high
temperature of around 73 degrees and a low around 53 (average low is 61), but
over the weekend expect highs in the upper 70s. Saturday night will be a bit nippy
with temperatures dropping to around 55, but Sunday night temperatures will be
hovering around 65 at the lowest, making for a comfortable evening.

In terms of rain… expect none. Chances of any precipitation this weekend are
slim-to-none. Expect winds from approximately the northeast throughout the
weekend with more calm winds on Friday and Saturday. Winds on Sunday may
blow at over 10mph, which is not very strong, but breezy.

All in all, it’s looking like perfect January beach weather in South Beach for
this weekend. Happy New Year, everyone! Be safe.


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