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South Bay trolley renewal work rolling south

Work on the new BLue Line platform northbound side. May 23rd.
Work on the new BLue Line platform northbound side. May 23rd.
Adam Benjamin

Dusty station stretches, and new cement decks at the north end of the Bayfront/E Street trolley station on the Blue Line stay blocked off to keep riders safe. The Chula Vista stop at the south end of a station line from Barrio LOgan through National City keeps city workers on the trolley renewal project busy.

Adam Benjamin
Rider stands at phone on Bayfront/E STreet platform under construction.

Beginning of Summer rider use start ups at the new stations have been cancelled. Riders takking their trolley connections at the stations stand at stations fully set up for construciton work.

Pavement still goes in the deck ground at the Barrio Logan station. Harbor Side and Pacific Fleet paving work delays the date the locals can stand anywhere on new bigger platforms. North end, at the Pacific Fleet station, the high arches on new bench shelters reach out far over the new concrete decks. Still scanty under the sun, but big.

Shelter frame erections mark out the BLue Line path at the three north stations.

In National City, large dirt construction lots stay busy. COnstruction work took over the whole area at 8th Street and 24th STreet. Workers get the decks with paving layed in ready for the future crowd shuffle. The South Bay runs will go on shorter daily order.

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