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Sourcing inventory to sell on eBay at local auctions for the holidays - even Zhu Zhu Pets


In preparing for the holiday selling season, it is important that you source a steady supply of inventory for your eBay Store or eBay auctions.  You don't want holiday shoppers to skip by you this season, you want to be sure to secure some of their holiday money.

Locally, we have seen a number of auctions being advertised that are offering new items for sale.  The partial listing we have seen includes new toys (yes, Zhu Zhu Pets!), household items, decorations and more.  These items may be overstock inventory that a retail store has consigned with the auction house to sell, or it may be that the auctioneer himself has purchased a load of storestock items from a liquidation company.

Either way, it is a great place for you to visit & to find new items to sell.  You can find local auctions with a great website called Auction Zip.  You simply visit Auction Zip and plug in your zip code.  This will pull up a list of auctions in your area and if the auctioneer has supplied them, even show you photos of the items for sale.  (You can filter the distance from your home to 30 miles up to 500 miles from home.)  You can also specify categories of items being offered on Auction Zip.

In a quick search for our area, we found one local auctioneer, Let's Talk Auction, offering new items for sale, including the ever popular Zhu Zhu Pets in their listing!  Can you imagine finding one of the hottest toys of the year at an auction?  Wow!

Happy sourcing & please be sure to check my other articles for more eBay selling tips.