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Sources say Kate and William are expecting second royal baby

According to Radar Online on Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge, 32, is expecting her second child. This news comes just a few days before Prince George will celebrate his first birthday. The world remembers that the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in London in the early stages of labor on the morning of July 22, 2013, and gave birth to a boy, weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces later that day. On July 24, Kensington Palace announced that the baby would be named George Alexander Louis.

Kate Middleton’s longtime friend, Jessica Hay, confirmed the news, but she said Will and Kate will make the official announcement in a few months. Hay is the same person who confirmed Middleton’s first pregnancy in Nov. 2012 just weeks before the royal confirmation came. Because Hay was right the first time a source believes this information credible.

Although nothing has been confirmed officially, there are some telltale signs of Kate's pregnancy that have begun to surface. Hay is giving people some indications. She explains, “Kate’s face is fuller like it was when she was first expecting George, and she’s been changing her hair, which could be to disguise the fullness. She has rosy cheeks, she’s letting her greys show again, and whenever she’s out in public she goes to great lengths to hold something over her tummy."

The secret came out with Middleton's first pregnancy before the royals had planned to announce it because Kate came down with severe morning sickness, The young couple had planned to wait for the 3-month period to pass. With the first baby, they were forced to acknowledge the pregnancy when the expectant mother was rushed to the hospital with hyperemesis gravidrum around her six or seven week of pregnancy.

Perhaps the second royal baby will not be kept a secret long past the 3-month period. Some expectant women don't have severe morning sickness with children other than the first child. Therefore, it is unlikely that Middleton will suffer from hyperemesis gravidrum again.

If the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting according to the rumors, people will watch her closely to see what she is doing and what she is wearing just as they have done in the past.

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