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Sources on Nev. land grab: 'This is far from over'

Eyewitnesses confirm that armed federal agents are still on the land in spite of their claim of "retreat."
Eyewitnesses confirm that armed federal agents are still on the land in spite of their claim of "retreat."
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

The Examiner has learned that sources both inside and outside the federal government are saying that regarding the Nevada land grab, "This is far from over." This is confirmed by developments on the scene.

When federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to stand down in their confrontation between rancher Cliven Bundy, his family, and over a thousand supporters, it was assumed that the Bundys had won and the Feds were withdrawing in defeat.

While the stand down was indeed a victory for those who support Cliven Bundy in his bid to continue using land his family has used for over a century, from the start there were developments that did not add up or make sense.

The suddenness with which the Feds retreated, in spite of the fact that government snipers had high powered assault rifles aimed at members of the Bundy family and the protesters, was in itself odd. Not a shot was fired. Yet the Feds retreated with the explanation that they were "concerned for the safety of their agents and the citizens on the ground."

But the problem was that the Feds never left the scene. They merely retreated from their conspicuous post in the hills above the land where the protesters had gathered. Sources have told The Examiner that the Federal agents are still on the property in question and that they are still heavily armed.

Eyewitnesses have personally seen and reported dozens if not hundreds of armed federal agents in the area. Several sources stated that this is no retreat and that it has become clear that Federal forces stood down only to give the illusion of a retreat while they plan to come back a second time with a vengeance, this time focusing on the Bundy home itself.

One of the driving forces behind the relentless determination with which the Feds wish to drive Bundy and his cattle off of the land is U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., Senate Majority Leader. The Examiner reported Friday that one of the primary motivating factors for the Feds to zero in on this land is Reid's secret deal with the Communist Chinese government to purchase land in Clark County, Nev. in order to build a solar panel plant. Both Reid and his son stood to gain handsomely from the sale of the land. Although the land was appraised at $38.6 million, the Chinese were prepared to pay $5 billion.

Clark County commissioners approved the sale and saw it as a major cash cow. Yet the sale has proved to be highly unpopular with the residents of the county, who support the ranchers and are convinced that the solar plant will do nothing but destroy the lives and careers of ranchers who have used the land for 150 years.

Thus, at the heart of the dispute is the shady land deal and not the "endangered species of desert turtles" as the Feds claim. A common myth concerning this region is that the Feds bought the land from Nevada. No. The Feds seized the land by designating it a protected habitat for an endangered species. The land belongs to the state of Nevada, and the Bundy's ranch is nearby. Nevada has always allowed ranchers to use this state land. But when the Feds seized it, all of that changed. The "protected habitat" excuse was a ruse that enabled to Feds to seize and confiscate land that did not belong to them. And the turtles are not endangered, either. When they were moved into Las Vegas, they flourished, and the Feds set about to euthanize them due to their explosive numbers.

All of these factors do nothing but point to massive graft, corruption, smoke and mirrors, and outright criminal behavior on the part of everyone connected with the Chinese land deal and the "protected habitat" issue. The issue is the money. Ranchers don't bring in enough, according to the sticky hands in government. But the Chinese Communists have plenty of it and can pad their pockets with it.

Therefore, what does this mean for the Bundy family, other ranchers in the region, and the thousands of citizens across America who are prepared to help them fight the Federal leviathan? It means more trouble, big trouble, deadly trouble is ahead. The Feds are merely regrouping and developing a new strategy.

Apparently the progressive/collectivist regime of Barack Obama is determined to use deadly force to steamroll over any opposition and, like the Clinton administration before it, attempt to show the peons of the populace that they do not matter and that they can easily be exterminated if it advances the regime's ultimate goals.


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