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Source: 'The Division's' fall 2015 delay is 'optimistic'

Tom Clancy's The Division screen

In the wake of developer Ubisoft Massive's announced delay of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which was pushed back from later this year to fall 2015, an alleged inside source claims that the postponement is actually “a tad bit optimistic.”

Speaking with Game Reactor, the source says, “The Division is without a doubt one of the most ambitious game projects of all time and our publisher has naturally realized this. We’ve been given increased resources, we’re hiring lots at the moment and are given a lot of help from other Ubisoft teams which is going to be needed if we are to deliver a finished game by next fall.

“Sadly I still think that the date is a tad bit optimistic as we still don’t have a functioning game and still have massive problems making our multiplayer component work at the concept stage. At the same time both we and our publisher are incredibly happy with our game engine and Ubisoft will naturally make use of it in lots of upcoming titles.”

Two factors mentioned that require additional development time were cross-platform features for multiplayer and the game’s animations. Massive has “major” issues with the former, according to Game Reactor. As for the latter, the game’s animations are described as the best ever, but that also means they’re quite complex. Even simple tasks like crouching behind car doors and garbage cans or skipping over stones require over 1,000 animations.

The source also took the time to comment on speculation about Massive being pressured by Microsoft to shift the game’s focus from PlayStation 4 to Xbox One, which the source says is “not correct.”

“PlayStation 4 is the more powerful hardware and we feel it is easier to develop for,” the source said. “Snowdrop works better on PS4 and even if Microsoft [does] want us to shift lead platform that's not something that has happened."

Lastly, the employee explains how displeased employees at Massive were when Ubisoft revealed The Division at Electronic Entertainment Expo last year without their approval.

"It felt like being punched in the face to be perfectly honest," the source said. "At the end of the day we don't want to do a Battlefield 4 and release an unfinished game. There's too much potential in the concept that is The Division at the moment, that we've asked for more time and resources in order to fully realize this fantastic vision."

via: VG247

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