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Soup of the Day

There is something spiritual about cooking. An organic, emotionally tied framework to food, the art of creating a dish from its raw foundation can usurp some soul traveling. Not quite like Buddhism, or unlike Christianity, but a “mis en plais” and faith. I feel as though it’s like family also. Your family grows, Spatially, different attitudes(and speeds), textures, opposite, polar personalities that separate and converge to create music amongst the noise and the voices; different pitches and ideas, creating a connection, a memory; to all the various, unique facets of flavor. Let’s talk through a classic potato soup. Potatoes are like the responsible big sister, keeping fellow siblings in check, neutral in flavor, but a foundation and first born. Mother is the cream component, the word for god, the suspension; the glue that keeps the others from falling, the sun that sustains the galaxy. Celery is the drama queen, the middle sister, slight licorice, savory bitter note, sweet when nurtured, slight bi-polarity. Onion; “the naughty brother”, the first to charge in and the first to fall asleep on the car ride home. The soup would be incomplete without it, abrupt; brash, a sweet–solid savory note as it’s cooked, coaxed; developed. Carrot-“baby girl”, faint but flirtatious lavender and sassafras. Carrot is a subtle but sturdy pine, with a fibrous and playful sweetness. Daddy is the shot of Sherry or liquor, you can’t see him but you know he’s there. Bacon is like a grandparent, umami filled, spoiling you rotten, the finished product is the harmonious clamor of warm (often heated) conversation, allowing life to just be, a hot fluid mess that transforms and develops into a “hot soup”. You develop balance; you fold together all the different ingredients so they evolve, share and layer to form a household. Your ingredients in most recipes, in the beginning, tend to argue but eventually give way, this chaotic rhythm that falls, rises and resonates like a song. Harmony is produced. This patchwork of proteins and nutrients make total use of the sensory buds of your tongue that identify, sweet, savory, salty, spicy, ultimately into a euphoric-satiated belly smile that haunts you into a hum. Now with Several parts holding the same tune, we have the finished product, a mixture of joy and heartache; a snapshot celebrating life, a family photo; Chefs often call this “the soup of the day”.
14 oz diced potatoes
5 oz each- diced carrots,celery, sweet onions
3oz flour
5 oz diced raw bacon
2 oz sliced scallion
1oz dry thyme
1oz garlic
2 oz sliced scallion
1oz dry thyme
1oz garlic
32 oz heavy cream
3 oz dry sherry
4 oz chicken stock
Salt and pepper to taste
Get pan preheated to medium, let heavy cream sit at room temperature, sauté bacon and render , 4 minutes, add carrots, celery and onions, garlic, sauté till onions are translucent, add flour, sauté 2 more minutes, add sherry, sauté 2 minutes, add chicken stock and cream, add potatoes, cook at medium heat bring to a slow boil for 8 minutes, stirring often, reduce to low heat for 15 minutes, add scallion and adjust salt and pepper. Garnish with more bacon bits -if desired and cheese of choice (smoked Gouda and swiss)