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Soup and More: City Union Mission

City Union Mission serves much more than soup.
City Union Mission serves much more than soup.
AP Photo/Larry Crowe

Here's a little known fact: January is Soup Month. This popular food that occasionally doubles as a beverage, keeps us warm on these bitterly cold winter days, and soothes our ravenous hunger pangs is also served up at City Union Mission, but that isn't all that's served up to the thousands of people in need in the area; CU Mission is a shelter, provides healthcare, offers career assistance, and much more.

Created in 1924, City Union Mission obviously goes beyond the traditional expectations of a soup kitchen, but what is more amazing is that the organization does so solely from the donations of private individuals and businesses, and the manpower of hundreds of volunteers. CU Mission is a faith-based organization, but the fact that it does not receive government funding does not deter it from aiding thousands each year.

City Union Mission is always in need of volunteers and donations. For more information, click on the previous hyperlinks.


  • Riley 5 years ago

    I have been looking for a good oganization to volunteer with- Thank you!

  • ellen 5 years ago

    Organizations like these are much needed in our cities & towns. Can any of us imagine what it would be like to be homeless & without food with the current weather conditions we are experiencing? This is a much needed service & a pat on the back to those that volunteer & offer cash donations. My church is a regular participant with meals at my local shelter and it's a high point for many when they volunteer.

  • KimberlyinDenver 5 years ago

    I love this! If only the world were full of more of these types of organizations! I'm going to check and see if there's one near me!

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