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SoundMasons - Eclectic Musical Expression

SoundMasons are perfecting the art of how music should be created and performed. Committed to bringing a diverse assortment of sounds to listeners seeking something different and diverse, the SoundMasons are perhaps unlike any band you've heard before. Combining blues, funk, jazz, psychadelia rock and RnB into one sound, their philosophy is about making music that everyone can enjoy.

SoundMasons - April 18, 2014 - Good Hurt Show-slide0
Trixil Photography

It was a pleasure to hear SoundMasons play at Good Hurt in Venice, CA on April 18. The dark, glow of the lights and environment interspersed with SoundMasons' impactful sounds made for an enjoyable night. The band has a knack for developing song after song that speaks to the human experience. Opening with "I've Got You" singer and guitarist, Miles Moore, draws the crowd in. Drummer Joseph Orellana, bassist Peru and guitarist, Sebastian Mayorga each provide their dexterous skill on the song. "Drifter" sets the tone for the night - an in-depth experience into the Los Angeles based band's goal of bringing the world into their love of musical art.

Sebastian takes the lead on "I Had a Woman" offering a distinctive take to SoundMasons concept. The man's guitar playing resonates around the room as patrons clap their hands at SoundMason's narrative lyrics echo throughout. The grooves keep coming with "Funk #3," which Miles adds "was prime tonight. For me, it's the raw emotion that we seem to conjure up. I like that we can always connect on that song no matter what kind of night we're having."

The set begins to wind down but not before SoundMasons perform a few more of their creative and uniquely crafted songs. The cool, Santana-esque "Pipe Dreams," the unrelenting grip of "Something About the City," the upbeat "Maybe So" and the resonance of "Hidden Messiah." "Bottled Words," a personal favorite of mine, is the final song of the night. The crowd claps, whistles and shouts as SoundMasons finish thanking everyone for coming out to support them and their craft.

Perhaps its their memorable harmonic melodies - or the cooperative element that Miles, Joseph, Sebastian and Peru have. Whatever the case may be, SoundMasons are a band that knows how to compose great music that's hard not to enjoy and take note of.

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