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Sounding Good when Traveling

Audio Accessories for Portable Electronics-slide0

Here's some suggestions for items to pack along for those times when one wants to maximize the sound coming from their smartphone, laptop or tablet or save their hearing from excessive noise.

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs
These inexpensive earplugs can save your ears from the drone of jet engines. They replicate the natural response of the ear canal so one hears sound just as it would be heard by the ear only at a lower volume. Unlike foam ear plugs that can muffle sound, these plugs allow one to hear music and dialogue with clarity. Choose from a standard or large size for a more customized fit than what one gets with most earplugs.

Monoprice Enhanced Active Noise Canceling Earphones
These headphones work very well for those looking for a compact pair of noise canceling earphones that can also be used to make phone and Skype calls. These earphones feature an inline active noise reduction (ANR) module powered by a single AAA alkaline battery that helps to eliminate up to 99% of external noise. This battery can provide up to 50 hours of active noise reduction with an option to turn the ANR function off to further conserve the battery. A second inline module functions as an inline control for the music player. iPod and iPhone users can control the volume, pause/resume playback, and skip tracks forward or backward, while Android devices are limited to the pause/resume playback function. On both Apple and Android devices, the inline control is used to answer and drop incoming phone calls with a single press of a button.

iHome Bluetooth HeadphonesiB85
These noise canceling bluetooth headphones with padded headband and ear cushions enable one to listen to music in comfort while traveling without contending with any cables. Thanks to a foldable headband and travel pouch, these headphones are more portable than many other similar sized headphones. The Bluetooth wireless capability can pick up audio from up to 30 feet away. A built in mic enables one to make wireless phone calls while a remote control on the earcup puts track control, play/pause, answer/end calls and volume control within easy reach. These headphones are recharged with an internal rechargeable lithium ion.

iBN24 mini Bluetooth Speaker
Those looking for a portable party sound can pack along these small portable speakers. Thanks to built-in NFC (near field communications) technology, one can have instant Bluetooth connections to stream wireless digital audio. A built in rechargeable battery ensures that the sound will never die.

iHM89 Speakers
The iHM89 compact speakers offer a sound that belies their compact size. A built-in rechargeable battery ensures the music will keep going strong. These speakers work well for playing music from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. After use, just stack them together inside their carry pouch and place in one's laptop bag for ease of travel.

For some additional options for sound and smart phones, log on here.

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