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Soundfreaq proves smaller is better with 'Pocket Kick'

Small in size, but big in sound is the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick
Small in size, but big in sound is the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick
Photo Courtesy of Soundfreaq

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Soundfreaq Rise, a very cool looking and functional Bluetooth clock radio that would also charge all of your gadgets in one swoop.

Now, Soundfreaq has attracted my attention once more with a versatile ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker called the Pocket Kick.

Soundfreaq is proving smaller is better with this mini version of their popular and award-winning Sound Kick.

For $99, you get a powerful and practical Bluetooth speaker that you cna take with you on raod trips or maybe slide in a purse or messenger bag for use when the mood strikes.

“Our goal with Pocket Kick was to design the best sounding, most practical speaker that you can keep by your side to enjoy and share more music in your day,” said Matthew Paprocki, co-founder/creative director of Soundfreaq. “While there are other ultra-portable speakers on the market, we’re confident that Pocket Kick’s sound offers detail, fullness and volume that is second to none, and that music lovers will find Pocket Kick the hands-down best speaker to keep your music always at-hand.”

Like cool colors?

The Pocket Kick comes in three colors - black, gold and platinum. You can buy yours at If you like the sleek look, the black version is also available on

Looking for performance?

This is a fine tuned Bluetooth speaker. From the two custom-engineered drivers to the metal and open air grills, the sound is wonderful. The rechargeable battery gives you 10 hours of life and it has a nice microphone, so this can be used as a speaker/microphone for conference calls, etc.

Soundfreaq isn't just about making and crafting cool devices we can use and show off to our friends, the Pocket Kick crafts sound. Sound like you've never experienced in a ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker.

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