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Sounders give season ticket holders their money back for LA match


There is a lot of buzz about Seattle Sounders FC today, and it isn't about how poorly they played against the Los Angeles Galaxy on May 8th at Qwest Field. It's for a gesture that still has me scratching my head: The club will credit all 32,000 season ticket holders their money back for the match on next year's season ticket purchase.

In old-day Seattle this would have met with a resounding sense of community spirit, a 'we are all in this together' vibe, and jovial applause by almost all. In today's more cynical Seattle sports landscape, it could be interpreted as not much more than a "ploy" or "publicity stunt" to distract fans from a club on the decline.

How do you see this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Fans in Seattle and around the country are weighing in on,, and forums (only BigSoccer is language-moderated).

My take is more towards the cynical. It's hard not to give credit to General Manager Adrian Hanauer for his honest assessments today on Don Ruiz' TNT  blog. However, just as soon as that breath of fresh air comes through, the club releases a press statement that can only be called self-serving.

So the Sounders care about our perceptions of them. Well of course they do, they are an entertainment  business that relies on good buzz and good will.

I just wish the whole thing didn't seem so ... calculated.

Sounders FC General Manager Adrian Hanauer wasn't pleased just after Seattle's 4:0 loss to LA. (Joseph Armand)

"Obviously I think it's a fair tribute to our fans. As I said to the team today, the fans support throughout the game and the way they remained and supported us after the game was phenomenal. Something that for me was very emotional. It's something that doesn't happen anywhere else. I've been in Los Angeles and coached there where if you would've lost a game like that, even playing with the best intentions or losing with a tighter score, that's not the reception you would've gotten. You would've been booed off the field. And you would've had to dodge obstacles as you left the field. But our fans were in full support and it's something that we appreciate. I think the organization has made all the right marketing decisions and all the right moves, and they feel this is what's needed to show our fans that we're appreciative of what they do, week in and week out." ---Sigi Schmid in The Seattle Times


  • SounderMan 5 years ago

    Let the cheerleaders feel like they are better than other fans....... screw 'em. I'll take the discount.... no problem...... and so will they when it's all said and done.

  • Pretender 5 years ago

    I don't have to pretend that the Sounders care. Well, at least the front office. Would be nice to see more of that from the guys on the pitch.

  • lol 5 years ago

    Shiny happy customers

  • Ok, but... 5 years ago

    How do I get that two-plus hours of my LIFE back? :)

  • Tiffany 5 years ago

    Dear Seattle Sounders FC , I am offended by your offer to "credit" me for the cost of the match against LA. Please take that "credit" and donate it to one of your many *Charity Partners*: America Scores Seattle , Boys and Girls Club of King County, Washington Youth Soccer, Soccer Saves or maybe to one of the many that the PLAYERS support on their own time, like Steve Zakuani with his charity of or like James Riley with his work of the Rondald McDonald House in Seattle. I know many other players donate their time as well. I am a SUPPORTER! not a fan until my team has a horrible match day experiance. Mini Capo and I will continue to drive almost 2 hours to see OUR Sounders win, lose or draw.

    ~Brougham End Faithful~

  • Jetcity62 5 years ago

    I never post anywhere but come on, name any team in any sport in the western hemisphere that has done anything like this (even close), and calculated less than 24hrs really you think this was calculated...if you look and read Adrians full statement I truly believe it is sincere and the only thing calculted I see is a giant exclamation point to the players that the FO is deadly serious about what they expect in the effort department

  • cheerleader 5 years ago

    We should have the option to donate the refund to a charity. and quit drinking that hateraid sounderman.

  • AndyJa 5 years ago

    I liked the "donating it to charity" also. Since that's not an "option" as they're crediting us a match next year, I just donated $30 to the nothing but nets. If you like the option of donating your "credit", go that route!!!

  • Sounders Fan 5 years ago

    Well, today the Sounders gave back 4 X 1 to the USL Yakima Reds FC at the Starfire. I wish that score it was against the "LA"

  • reboot 5 years ago

    let's all take a deep breath and start over. the sounders are seattle's mls club. they are just learning how to represent us and what it takes to do so.

  • more locals, fewer imports 5 years ago

    maybe ssfc just got things a bit backwards. no way do Montero or Ljungberg 'live and die for sounders fc.' no way.

    But, keller does...and so might other locals. C'mon academy players!

  • Sean M. 5 years ago

    Like others have said, we should donate the refund to a charities.

  • Dave 5 years ago

    I would like to see the players like Steve Z. give back their salary for that day. In the end they are the ones that made it happen. Is mad that Steve Z. is part of why it went so horrible then he tells management they need to give us our money back! Hey give yours back first as a sign of recognition that it is the players fault. For me players not owning up the their part of the deal here is a major concern and reason for this kind of heartless performance on the pitch.

  • Rajah 5 years ago

    None of it means anything until the next dew games go by. Seattle needs to step it up and show their fans that they care about them, you can't just buy them. Also, losing is apart of the game, it could have been a lot worse.

  • ABT 5 years ago

    instead of apologizing to us, why not make the team better? spend the money on better players please! i pay for the tickets to watch good soccer, not anticipate refunds!

  • Really!? 5 years ago

    People are "offended" that they are refunding money!? Wow, talk about sensitive. If you prefer to donate the $30 to charity, then do it with the money that is being refunded. Simple as that.

  • John Mercado 5 years ago

    Good move on the part of Hanauer, the game was really bad and I think he what he said is what most fans were thinking, it is good to know the front office is concerned about what product they put on the Field and not just short term profits. Some owners would rather be cheap and are not as involved or interested as Sounders FO. SO it is a good move and hope they get results of some kind before Kufo.

  • harry 5 years ago

    Jose Romero says Freddy Ljungberg is not happy the way Hanauer and Sigi responded. I hope he speaks out.

    Will Hanauer and Sigi refund part of their salaries?

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