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Sound Spot speaker packs a little wallop

Sound Spot from Soundfreaq is big sound
Sound Spot from Soundfreaq is big sound
Courtesy of Soundfreaq

We’ve been meaning to write about Soundfreaq for quite a while now—but we got sidetracked in equipment, moving, and life. Sound Spot from Soundfreaq is an additional speaker that puts volume to other technological appliances like the iphone, ipad and our pc.

" ...but we got sidetracked ..."

At first we really didn't know how to use it, what it was for, or why we needed it. We had only just gotten our iphone and didn't appreciate the apps or what some of the capabilities of the phone were to begin with. We do listen to music but it is on either: when we are dressing on a home work day, or just before we go to bed. Consequently, we didn't even know much about the music sites. We are fans of an app called: SoundHound, which finds the names of songs by "listening" to them, then identifying the artist, the label and, most times, you can even get the lyrics.

We came late to discover Pandora and how we were able to either choose music by category or stream music radio-style. We never thought twice about the capabilities of our phone's speakers (which are very bad indeed). And we have never been a fan of wearing ear buds (do you have problems keeping the ear buds in your ears as we do?)--I would really like some feedback in this area. But anyway, when we finally hooked up the Sound Spot speakers, we were delighted. Delighted. The level of music is quite adjustable and clear.

A couple other features we like:

  • It is wireless. Just get your phone to recognize another device and that’s it
  • It not only adjusts volume, but you can fast-forward through to another song just as you do with your phone
  • It’s small and portable
  • It’s modern looking with ribbed sides which is quite important to us as this is a common fixture now
  • It amplifies well
  • It has a rechargeable battery

About $69.99 retail

We'd like to try out--test drive--Sound Rise, one of their newest models that has an alarm clock as well as being a bedroom speaker.

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