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Soulja Boy gun arrest typifies ‘progressive’ inconsistencies

MTV's assessment of "wisdom beyond his years" notwithstanding, Soulja Boy's latets arrest highlights chronic questionable maturity and judgment.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Rapper Soulja Boy was arrested in the San Fernando Valley Wednesday morning on felony gun possession charges, TMZ is reporting, noting “Bail was set at $35K.

"Soulja has a history of run-ins with the law -- he was busted for weed and weapons back in 2011,” the report advises.

That’s not the rapper’s only gun misadventure. In 2012, he told VIBE magazine he opened fire on intruders who tried to break into his home, which sounds righteous, but the way he tells it, he shot one of the burglars as the man was trying to flee.

“I'm thinking if I shoot this n*gga, I can get that gun and shoot all these n*ggas at the same time,” he claimed. “So I jumped out, shot at the dude four times and missed. He ducked down and ran. He started yelling, so I shot him like two more times. Then he turned around and started running. So I popped his a** like two more times in the back, and he hit the floor.”

One can only imagine the national outcry had George Zimmerman recounted such a narrative, although it's up for grabs who Barack Obama would be claiming as his fantasy son in that situation. But if Soulja Boy’s publicly expressed sentiments are any indicator, the kinship he feels for the president is strong. He not only wanted to be able to cast two votes for Obama in 2008, (since he’s “a celebrity,” who per MTV “is already developing wisdom beyond his years”), in 2012 he advised his Twitter followers “If Romney wins we going back to slavery.”

For someone with such years-defying wisdom, why Soulja Boy feels the way he does about the president is uncertain. Not only has Obama advocated “taking ... illegal handguns off the streets,” but he also made it clear “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Obviously, Souljah Boy disagrees with Obama on the first point, and as for the second, one would think a “progressive” multimillionaire “artist” who truly believes in the president's agenda would at least avoid trouble over not paying taxes.

So if they don't agree on guns or the economy (or, apparently, on the president's military, law enforcement and foreign policies), perhaps there’s another ideological motivator that could explain Soulja Boy's enthusiasm.


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