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Soulive at Paradise Rock Club

Soulive (Photo: Karin Dailey /
Soulive (Photo: Karin Dailey /

If you missed Soulive’s back to back performances at the Paradise Rock Club a few weeks ago, have no fear! The trio will return to the Bay State in July, bringing with them their signature sound of jazz, funk and hip-hop. The Evans brothers (Alan and Neal), alongside Eric Krasno and special guest, Nigel Hall, played an unforgettable show for Boston – pleasing old fans and making some new ones. Stripped down to drums, guitar and keys, Soulive brings such a pure sound. Add some horns and a soul singer and you’ve got yourself a funk-tastic party!

Karin Dailey

Zach, from NJ, had this to say, "Soulive is great, because they got groove. Plus, they’re all talented cats. Great set of guys. They are unbelievable.” His friend Daniel, from the San Francisco Bay area, added, "I’ve never heard of the band, but I’m already impressed. What I just saw completely blew my mind.”  Next to them was Brian from Somerville, "I’ve seen Soulive and Nigel once before and they rocked it then. They rocked it tonight. Nigel’s vocals are phenomenal. You don’t see many people who can sing like that guy anymore. He’s throwback.”

"Every person I’ve told about Soulive has loved them afterward. That says it all. I can talk about them, bring them to shows and they always fall in love with the band," said superfan Mike.  He was from Shrewsbury and continued to tell a story about a personal encounter with the band, "It was a night of many gin and tonics. I happened to get up – and jump up on stage with Soulive. They actually embraced it a little, before security came over. It felt like they were digging it. Kraz was giving the headnod and then I jumped off stage."  He beamed as he told the story.  Best night of his young life. 

These guys are a great band with a great sound that is killer live. Soul clap! They play with their eyes closed, feeling the music to down to their souls. The second set of the night was a tribute to the late, great James Brown. Check out their website, along with images from the show on 4/15 below.



  • Mike 5 years ago

    Hey Karin, it was great meeting you at the show and the pics came out amazing! Keep up the great work!

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