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Soul song – first you have to listen

It’s rare these days for any of us to find a quiet space to just be. The world seems to be getting noisier, despite our heavy reliance on the silent power of computers, as people walk through their days with electronic devices that do everything but tie your shoes held up to their ears and eyes. The cacophony of daily life seems to all but drown out those rare times when everything seems quiet, but, of course, not for long.

There are those of us who remember a much quieter time, when the only sounds we heard were the occasional buzzing of bees or the birdsong that starts just before sunrise and greets the day with joy. You could walk only a few blocks and find an empty lot or small stand of trees and bushes, like a tiny oasis in the middle of the blocks of look-alike houses. And, if you were really quiet, you could hear your heart beat and you would swear you heard the sounds of the earth flowing through you. It is in that kind of silence that if you listen very carefully, you will hear the sound of release – of freedom. Every sigh is a part of your soul song, just as every breeze blowing through the trees is a sound of nature reminding you that she is a part of you as well.

So, as you start your day, and as you end it, try an experiment, at least just for e few days to a week if you can. Find, or make, a quiet space, close your eyes, and just listen to your breath go in and out, in and out. And then listen very carefully to your inner voice. You may not hear it at first, but eventually you will feel as if your soul, the real you, is smiling, and that your inner song is the connection to everything that is.
Peace @-)-)------

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