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Soul searching and moving forward

Once you begin to move forward and decide to truly leave the relationship, no back and forth, there is a need for some in depth soul searching. The following are tips/ or questions you need to examine.

1. Examine the pros and cons of leaving the relationship/ or the positives and negatives of staying.

2. Examine how the relationship impacts you emotionally.

3. Was it a positive and supportive relationship?

4. Did you feel worthy in the relationship?

5. Did you see growth with the person or did you see yourself growing with the person?

6. Did the differences outweigh the similarities and did they significantly impact the ability to be compromising in the relationship?

7. Did you have the same morals, values? ethics?

8. Was your outlook on life the same?

9. Could you accept each other for who they are and who they could become?

10. Were you willing to sacrifice your own identity for the relationship?

11. Were you both passionate about life?

12. Did you make each other better people?

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