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Soul of Shandalar from 'Magic 2015'

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Soul of Shandalar is a powerful new mythic rare Magic: The Gathering card revealed today June 23, 2014 from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expansion set Magic 2015 in an article by Aaron Forsythe on Soul of Shandalar is part of a new six card mythic rare cycle of "fixed" Titans (Primeval Titan, Inferno Titan, Frost Titan, Grave Titan, and Sun Titan).

Soul of Shandalar - 4RR
Creature - Avatar (Mythic Rare)
First Strike
3RR: Soul of Shandalar deals 3 damage to target player and 3 damage to up to one target creature that player controls.
3RR, Exile Soul of Shandalar from your graveyard: Soul of Shandalar deals 3 damage to target player and 3 damage to up to one target creature that player controls.

Soul of Shandalar and friends don't have an "enters the battlefield" or "attack" ability as we've seen on the Titans, however the new abilities we've seen from the Avatars still feel very powerful. With enough mana you'll be able to activate one of the new Avatars more than once a turn (something which can and will happen in Commander), and the option to use these new Avatars from a graveyard will be extremely relevant the longer a game goes.

Casting Soul of Shandalar's may not feel as rewarding since it won't have an immediate effect on the game. Although it may feel like a very bland threat as a 6/6 first strike creature for six mana, its really rather quite impressive. There's not many creatures that'll be able to get past it and combat, and next turn you'll be able to start burning your opponent's face and creatures with its ability. This Magic player suspects the real power behind each of the new "Mythic Rare Souls" lies in utilizing them from the graveyard in a long drawn out battle of attrition.

How will you use Soul of Shandalar? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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