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Soul Nourishment

Soul Nourishment A Smile
Soul Nourishment A Smile
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The New Year parties and gatherings are now over, and it is time to get moving. This time of year can be
exciting but stressful, when we want so much to move forward but the old feelings still hang on.

If this is how you feel, maybe you have not let go of your old ways of thinking. You have a choice, a
choice that is yours alone. Make the choice now to get rid of old thinking that has held you back. This
year, make better choices and be prepared for whatever may arise.

The first thought to change is the one that tells you that changing your thoughts is hard. Tell yourself it will be easy and it will be. Then, choose to be happy and look forward to the coming year with others. Take your focus off your challenges and see only what you want to create.

Plan to use your mouth this year more for meaningful conversation than for eating. Plan to find things to nourish your soul instead of your emotions. Make a firm decision that this is your year, and you are going to honor yourself. This year, keep yourself out of situations where you feel uncomfortable. Honor yourself with your choices, remembering that it is better to disappoint someone else than to disappoint yourself.

Don’t defend, over-explain or feel guilty about your decisions. Simply be gracious and firm. Make caring
for your soul your highest priority.

Most people go through life not knowing what they want or what their needs are. Many of us use food to
suppress our feelings and emotions. We either eat too much or we don't eat enough, in the vain hope of fulfilling ourselves, when our real need is for love, not food. Take the time each day to ask yourself if you feel loved. This will help you to be more aware of your true needs and more conscious of your eating.

Do things that will make you feel good about yourself, things that will make you feel loved.
Make choices this year that will nourish your soul, and leave behind all those choices that make you feel
guilty or depressed. This is a wonderful time of the year to reconnect with yourself and others. Face the
day with a smile and end it the same way.

Now, let’s rock 2010 and make those dreams a reality!


  • Carrol Strain 5 years ago

    Once again, your articles were particularly timely for me personally. I was feeling gloomy yesterday when I started working on them, but found myself taking your advice about caring for my soul and getting some real play in my life, and remarkably my spirit has lifted, despite the fact that my circumstances have not changed a bit. You are really amazing. I've benefited immensely from reading what you have to say. Keep 'em coming!

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