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Soul mates or betrayal?

Some romantic moments
Some romantic moments

Is it betrayal if you feel that you have met your soul mate? We are all told from a very young age that we have soul mates - the one’s that are meant for us, or our true love. What if you are married and then find your soul mate in someone outside your marriage? Is that person your true love or is it just infatuation? Is it wrong to be with that person if it feels so right within you?

Jack and Sara on Betrayal

That is what the show ‘Betrayal’ which just ended it’s first season on ABC was about. It was set in our hometown of Chicago and was about Sara a photographer and unhappily married wife who runs into Jack a lawyer who’s also unsatisfied in his marriage. Jack follows Sara after an art event downtown until she spends the day with him. The idea being that they are long lost soul mates who have an attraction to one another that is uncontrollable and irresistable. There are a lot of long romantic trysts and long lost looks between the two main characters within it’s stylistic and artistic atmosphere and emotion grabbing music. Their love affair continues throughout the whole story line and ends at a cliffhanger with a lot of confusion in between.

This ‘magical thing’ that happened between Sara and Jack reminds me of what people talk about when they find their true loves, their wives and husbands and their soul mates. There is usually an undeniable attraction and a inseparableness between them. They cannot live without each other. Usually when people have such strong feelings between each other they get married or have a long ongoing romance. The question is: Does this soul mate phenomena really exist or is it created by hormones and chemicals within our bodies beyond our control?

Because I am a true romantic, I believe in soul mates. That there is someone who captures our heart unlike any other. Any why not go for the one that makes your stomach flutter unlike no other? The one that makes you feel alive and makes you feel that life is worth living for? I hope that each of you find that special someone one day.

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