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SOS Rehydrate offers optimal hydration

SOS Rehydrate
SOS Rehydrate
SOS Rehydrate

Even though summer is almost over, the remaining seasons are also a time to stay hydrated. While the hot and humid days of summer are almost a thing of the past, it’s important to keep your water intake always at a high level.

To do just that, we recommend SOS Rehydrate.

Each little packet when added to water assists in rehydrating the body depleted of its natural water by absorbing three times more water than just drinking regular water alone. How does it do this? It contains six times the electrolytes of a normal sports drink and 27 percent more electrolytes than coconut water with half of the calories and half of the sugar.

A recent independent research study found that SOS Rehydrate is capable of providing substantial rehydration and fluid retention, without the unnecessary excess sugar contained in the majority of leading sports drinks. This hydration capability, coupled with low sugar content, is what makes SOS Rehydrate the go-to drink of choice for many elite athletes.

We all know that many sports drinks are ineffective at combating dehydration as they contains lots of sugars and not the proper balance of electrolytes and glucose. SOS has the proper mix of them for optimal hydration and also contains 75 percent less carbohydrates than most sports drinks.

SOS Rehydrate is designed to increase your physical performance by 20 percent or more by providing better hydration. (What you may not realize is a two percent loss in body weight due to dehydration can reduce athletic performance by 20 percent due to a loss of energy and focus). Proper hydration can prevent this. It comes in two different flavors – blueberry and citrus.

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