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Sorting and storing your yarn stash

Getting your yarn stash organized can be quite an undertaking
Getting your yarn stash organized can be quite an undertaking
Holli Friedland

As knitters accumulate supplies, they can end up in every nook and cranny of their home. Running out of space? Are project bags, containing half knit socks, sweaters, scarves and more strewn across every available surface? If so, it might be time to get the stash organized.

Hoarding yarn can be an addiction, no one needs to tell you that! An ever-growing stash could be popping out of every closet. What used to be a spare room, now looks like a yarn store. Do not feel badly, this is a common problem among people who knit.

Getting organized can be like a treasure hunt. Surprise – the silk and wool blend you intended for your friend’s birthday scarf! You knew it was in there somewhere. And that circular #4, 32” needle – was discovered at the bottom of the closet.

Plastic bins, dressers, closets and shelving can get a yarn stash organized. The first thing is to weed out whatever you can. Little bits and pieces of yarn that might be an accent, but can’t really make anything, might have to go.

Knitting needle organizers can be purchased online or at craft stores. Plastic shoe or sweater boxes can also do the job. Most knitters, this author included, have way more knitting equipment than necessary. Having eight sets of #7 needles that are exactly the same except for the color, might be a place to start thinning out the herd. Of course, if you have started eight projects all needing the same size needle, maybe having eight sets is understandable. However, the line must be drawn somewhere.

Organizing yarn can be a long process. Sorting the yarn by fiber and weight is a good way to start. Generally speaking, most patterns call for one weight of yarn. Washing the finished product could be difficult if you mix fibers, so sorting by fiber also makes a lot of sense. And then, organize by color.

By putting the yarn in either sealed plastic containers or zip-lock bags, will help keep the moths at bay. Moths hate cedar. If you are lucky enough to have a cedar chest, wool could be put in there.

The main thing is to get the stash organized. It is never fun when you know the supplies are there, but you cannot find them because your yarn is a mess. Knowing where everything is will allow a knitter to start a project instead of spending time looking around for the right needle, stitch markers or even yarn. As the summer winds down, and knitting season will soon kick into high gear, get your stash in order and have a great fall knitting your projects.


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