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Sorry Prof. Black, Hayek's police state is really here

In an awkwardly embarrassing video, at least to libertarians, one Professor Bill Black expounds on Fredrick Hayek's explanation in The Road to Serfdom of why the worst people always prevail in a democracy and therefore eventually leads to tyranny and the mass murder of its citizens.

Frederick Hayek predicted that the worst tyrants would rise to the top of the political garbage heap and Prof. Bill Black is right there with them serving as their garbage collector.

Black cites these three Hayekian predictions:

1. The ruling class will appeal to the stupid and uneducated,

2. Will convince the gullible with propaganda campaigns, and

3. Will launch campaigns of envy against the rich and productive and campaigns of hate against minorities.

He then claims, incredibly, that none of this has happened.

But people like Black on both the left and right suffer from their own preference for partisan political spin. Apparently only libertarians, standing outside of the spinning garbage disposal, see reality.

1. The ruling class has clearly been successful in appealing to the stupid and uneducated since those people continually vote for the Democrat and Republican wings of the Single Party System, forever expanding the scope and power of government to the delight of the ruling class.

2. The ruling class also controls the vast majority of the mass media, big corporations, big banking cartels, public education, and whole industries like military contractors, big pharma, healthcare, and virtually the entire corporatist marketplace.

3. Today's hated minorities are not blacks, women, gays or immigrants since their agendas have been co-opted by the ruling class and turned against the very people that Hayek predicted: working people, entrepreneurs, the productive middleclass, self-reliant wage earners, and everyone else who has ever earned anything based on their own merit.

Contrary to Prof Black's claim that none of this has worked in America he seems to be oblivious to the fact that:

1. Public schools were specifically created by socialists in the 1800s as government-controlled dumbing-down factories of propaganda expressly designed to make children into mindless little collectivist soldiers, workers and taxpayers.

2. The rapidly expanding militarized police state is wantonly invading private homes all across America, typically at the wrong address with very minor justification, terrorizing families, shooting children's pets at will and even severely burning a baby with a flashbang while receiving little to no censor from their department superiors or any other public official.

3. Already in 2012, two years before Black's myopic video was posted (June 15, 2014) America had the highest incarcerated population in the world.

Black would know all of this if he had just left his little cloistered educratic world once in awhile. Hayek predicted exactly what America has become.

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