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Sorrowful update on motionless dog who was discovered at Oklahoma truck stop

Rest in peace Momma
Terry Lynn Bloomer

Earlier this month, a truck driver discovered a severely injured, motionless dog at a parking lot in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.

Terry Lynn Bloomer, an independent dog rescuer in the area, responded to the call about the dog, who was dubbed "Momma" and described what she found in the parking lot.

I went to check on her... she was laying in the parking lot, on the hot pavement, unable to move... the look in her eyes as I kneeled down and spoke to her brought me to tears... As I spoke, her tail wagged.

Momma was transported to a veterinarian for care and until Sunday, there was hope that the battered dog would make a recovery. Tragically, the damage to her body proved to be too great. Bloomer broke the sorrowful news on Sunday afternoon:

It is with a very saddened heart I have to inform everyone that Momma Girl (Truck stop dog) passed away today...
At noon, she went outside for her walk... When they returned at 4, she was gone.

Doc feels there was just too much damage and her sweet, loving heart gave out...
I can not go into details right now, but I can tell you she has joined her babies... : (
Please understand if I do not get right back with everyone on this... This news is devastating for us, for we really thought she was going to pull through.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support for this innocent Momma...
She touched so many people with her story...I am so sad by this news.

I am just grateful she passed away knowing love and kindness, and not in the parking lot where she was left...Run free, sweet Momma Girl... I am sorry we couldn't save you and your babies... You were loved by many.

Prior story about the rescue of this dog at this link.

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