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Sorrento Valley taking big step to build connected workplace

Enclave Sorrento will not be a workplace locked offices keep employees driven towards accomplishing company goals. Three sky bridges, and a ground floor crossing, shorten the time to work get togethers on the large open floors on the bridges on the two office buildings' four stories.

No gap in the workplace. Three sky bridges connect new office buildings at Enclave Sorrento construction site. Thursday, July 31st.
No gap in the workplace. Three sky bridges connect new office buildings at Enclave Sorrento construction site. Thursday, July 31st.
Adam Benjamin
The Enclave Sorrento workplace construction site in Sorrento Valey.
The Enclave Sorrento workplace construction site in Sorrento Valey.
Adam Benjamin

Connectivity is so easy it is hard to avoid. That's the design decided for the enclave under construction at the top of Scranton Road, north of Mira Mesa Boulevard.

Working together will produce a "better return on time." Office lease tenants and clients will walk in together at the front entries on both building sides that lead to the "heart" of the campus. A campus court. A stop in to talk in one of the two tory glass lobbies can open work.

Front sky bridge structures already span the short distance between the two large square footage buildings. The work paths will show up in San DIego's Silicon Valley. Sorrento Valley's newcomer in the office market around the corner from Qualcomm nextdoor will no tleave out any easy way for workers to get together. A back sky bridge will connect the work rounds on the 4 story buildings.

Hooking up with clients on collaborative jobs can happen at any tme, among the enclave crowd, in the turf floored tenant lounge. Office employees and clients can plug in laptops at collaborative pods at modular tables, and, do their usual work routines on a pod flat screen.

Bench seating stays on hand. Collaborative teams can even experience work at the enclave's cafe.

"An all encompassing environment where you can work or work out, collaborate or focus, eat or relax, Enclave Sorrento fosters connection."

Even choosing the outdoors to meet can make regular employee plans. The builders designed in outdoor tables groups can stretch their work legs at.

Enclave workday routines will keep going on campus. Around the clock. At the fitness center, quick cardio and weight workouts on "state-of-the-art" equipment can lead to productive work meetings in the "spa-like" locker room. Not far from the yoga room channeling chi will simplify a day's productivity plans.

COoperative work sharing openings wil be found in Sorrento Valley, just 15 minutes fromthe valley's Coaster station. Between the closeby I-805 and eastern I-15 commuter connections on Mira Mesa Boulevard. The "revitalizing energy" the campus was designed to bring to the valley over 20,000 employees work at firm offices handling ideas in telecommunications, wireless, biotechnology and tech will come from more than productive work at the enclave. People on their breaks will not stop leading San Diego's opportunity taking lifestyle.

Trips employees take out of the enclave on a bicycle borrowed from the shared free bicycle program take only a little peddling to end at the Sorrento COurt dry cleaners, or the dentist or the optometrist. Crouton's Restaurant and Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill are even closer at SOrrento Plaza. Healthy dining will count for fair value during an ENclave Sorrento employee's outing.

The "connecting architecture" going up on Scranton Road will open up new San DIego work opportunities this Fall. Qualcomm's enterprise city up on the hill can plan on welcoming in "a collaborative office technology campus connecting people and ideas."

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