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Soros group Media Matters helped CBS News produce left-leaning reports

CBS News is in a swirl of controversy today as allegations abound that the network allowed the far-left Media Matters to help it produce reports.
CBS News is in a swirl of controversy today as allegations abound that the network allowed the far-left Media Matters to help it produce reports.
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In a stunning revelation that is not so stunning to most conservatives, the George Soros funded Media Matters helped CBS News produce left-leaning reports, many of which were intended to disparage conservative news outlets. The allegations were made by longtime former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson.

According to a story published by The Gateway Pundit, Attkisson appeared on CNN to discuss her recent departure from CBS News after winning journalism awards, particularly with regard to her investigative work on the Fast and Furious scandal that plagued the Obama administration. But apparently the news division gave less and less publicity to her reports, often entirely overlooking extremely damaging information concerning the administration.

Attkisson had already told CNN that Media Matters was being paid to attack her reporting that was perceived by the group as negative toward Barack Obama and his administration. But that, says the Gateway report, is common knowledge. Media Matters, as a matter of course, is paid by political operatives to smear reporters and media outlets that report news that is damaging to Obama and the Democratic Party in general.

But the thing that stood out in Attkisson's statement to CNN on Sunday was that Media Matters is directly involved in producing political news stories at CBS News and for other left-leaning, collectivist outlets. Again, while it has been widely known that Media Matters routinely attempts to spin news stories by working closely with cooperative reporters and producers, never before has the direct allegation been made that the group is actually involved in producing those stories at major liberal outlets.

Attkisson stated,

“Media Matters, as my understanding, is a far left blog group that I think holds itself out to be sort of an independent watchdog group. And yes, they clearly targeted me at some point. They used to work with me on stories and tried to help me produce my stories, and at some point –“

Media Matters, of course, denied the allegations. And CBS News reported that their former reporter "can't produce any proof" that her allegations are true.

The problem, however, is that allegations of this nature are very difficult if not impossible to prove. Slick organizations like Media Matters know how to cover their tracks almost as well as CIA operatives, and anyone who blows the whistle on them will be discredited in spite of the truth of the allegations.

But the latest revelations concerning Media Matters only serves to corroborate what many conservative reporters have already known since 2009. For nearly six years it has been known within the beltway that George Soros meets regularly with the major mainstream news outlets and White House operatives to coordinate the spin on news stories, if you can call them "news." A better word is propaganda.


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