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Sorin Markov in review

Sorin Markov, master of sangromancy
Sorin Markov, master of sangromancy
Michael Komarck

With the release of Zendikar we have three new planeswalkers. I already reviewed Chandra Ablaze, a personal favorite, and now we will look at Sorin Markov. Sorin is possibly one of the stronger planeswalker this set since his first minus ability works so effectively with other black cards from this set. This synergy can be seen especially with Bloodghast, Gruul Draz Vampire, and Vampire Lacerator. Hopefully in the new two expansions of this block it will be even more synergistic.
Another great facet of Sorin Markov is his plus ability. His ability combines a shock with life gain. This is especially dangerous in casual games where black mana can be accelerated with dark rituals, making Sorins six mana cost negligible. This ability also is a “+2”which brings Sorins value even further since it can activate his final minus ability in two turns, and will not sacrifice him.
Sorin’s minus abilities are devastating. His final ability is basically mindslaver, an artifact card. For non-veteran readers taking a player’s turn allows you to take his seat during his turn completely, except for making any illegal decisions such as conceding, or choosing illegal targets for spells.
Sorin Markov is a dangerous planeswalker, his uses are not limited beyond type 2 play. He is a powerful addition to any black deck searching for a planeswalker, for that little extra flavor.
Also I would like to take the time and apologize for the length of time between my posts, I had been suffering some computer problems, but now with that resolved we are back on track. Thank you readers.