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Sophomore student goes on a stabbing spree in Pennsylvania high school

Early today Wednesday, April 09, at around 7:15 a.m. with a knife in each hand, a male 16-year-old sophomore went on a stabbing spree in Franklin Regional High School, in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The unidentified sophomore suspect injured 19 students and a school security guard. Seven of those students were immediately rushed to the Forbes Regional Hospital in nearby Monroeville, PA, where three of them were quickly admitted into surgery due to life threatening injuries. Although the injuries are serious, Forbes Regional Hospital doctors say the victims are expected to survive.

Parents praying outside Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA, where a sophomore went on a stabbing spree
Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Dr. Chris Kaufman of Forbes Regional Hospital said the teens injuries are “quite serious and some clearly life-threatening.”

Adding to the seriousness of the students’ injuries, Forbes Regional Chief Medical Officer Mark Rubino also said, “I do want to stress the critical nature of their injuries, they are deep penetrating injuries.”

Shortly after the violence broke out the school’s fire alarm was pulled sending students and staff running in panic, some students interviewed by local news described seeing blood on the ground as they ran through the hallways towards the school’s exit. Thomas Seefeld, Murrysville police Chief expressed the importance of the alarm being pulled, crediting student Nate Scimio saying, "The fire alarm being pulled probably assisted with the evacuation of the school and that was a good thing that that was done."

A possible heroine, reports of a female student applying pressure to the wounds of a wounded male victim, may have “possibly saved his life,” said Rubino. The male teen aided by the female student was one of the three rushed into surgery. Rubino also stressed he believes the teen suspect seemed to follow a pattern during his stabbing spree, saying the stabbings “were aimed for the lower abdomen causing severe damage” to vital internal organs.

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According to authorities, the teen suspect, who was treated for a minor hand wound and is currently in custody being interrogated, was finally subdued by the injured security guard with the help of the assistant principal.

The investigation remains on-going with students and staff being interviewed -- and although motive has not yet been established, and bullying not yet mentioned, seems almost inevitable that the issue of mental health will probably surface as part of the reason the high school sophomore went on the senseless stabbing spree.

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