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Sophia Bush helps support Chicagoan 'Sole of the Year' winner Sue Naiden

Sophia Bush poses with TAF founder Sue Naiden
Sophia Bush poses with TAF founder Sue Naiden

Sophia Bush has built quite a name for herself in the acting world and in the animal activist world. Bush has been living in Chicago while filming the new NBC hit "Chicago P.D." and has decided to partner with Barefoot Wine's second year of the Soles of the Year program. Sole of the Year is an initiative that celebrates people doing good in the community, like Sue Naiden, founder of Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago On Feb. 8, Sophia Bush granted the Chicago Celebrity Examiner an interview and talked about her time in the city, "One Tree Hill" and the Trio Animal Foundation.

When Sophia Bush was asked about her favorite part of playing a Chicago cop, she responded by saying, "I am passionate about social justice so it is very cool to be in a role where it is enforced." Bush has been vocal about her views and where she stands on several social issues as well.

Bush plays Detective Erin Lindsay on "Chicago P.D." and when she was asked about what fans can expect from Erin Lindsay she offered up, "More and more will be revealed as the episodes play out and the season goes on. Erin is a tough nut to crack and it will feel like you are peeling an onion as her layers begin to unfold."

Brooke Davis was the character that really pushed Sophia Bush into the spotlight. "One Tree Hill" has been over for several years but there is still a huge fan base for it. When asked about a possible reunion and whether or not she would partake in one Bush responded, "I am not sure where this is coming from. It must be an Internet rumor because no one from the show has heard anything about it. As for whether or not I would be interested, I am focused and grateful for my current role."

Fans know that Sophia Bush is an animal lover. She partnered with Barefoot Wine to honor the "Sole of the Year" Sue Naiden. When asked about how Chicagoans can get involved and help Naiden's foundation, Bush replied "Chicagoans can get involved by contacting the Trio Animal Foundation. They are highlighting the plight of homeless animals in Chicago and helping to get them to their forever homes. Chicagoans can donate their time or even adopt a dog."

Sophia Bush moved to Chicago to film her new show. There is plenty of differences between her hometown of Los Angeles and Chicago, including temperatures. While Los Angeles will always be her home, Bush said that "Chicago has quickly become my home away from home. I love the food and the eclectic vibe the city has.

Along with community volunteers, Sophia spent the day volunteering with and providing general enrichment for the TAF sponsored dogs.Fans can catch Sophia Bush in "Chicago P.D." on Wednesday nights on NBC. The next new episode will air on February 26. It will be the cross-over episode with "Law and Order: SVU."

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